The purpose of this workshop is to acquaint a photographer, at whichever skill level, to understand and be able to produce photo stories, which we see in Magazines, newspapers and books…and to understand what editors or your clients expect from you. We would show you the whole process of how a photo story is made, all the way from a simple idea, to the thought-provoking series on prints or websites. 

Our courses are designed for both professionals and beginners, who are looking for a journalistic approach to their photography, as well for those photographers who want to improve their style, to find their own niche. It is a not about learning again the basic of photography but a new approach, such as the light management and also the photo editing.

In Berlin,Tokyo or Paris, we spent time in various districts of the cities, to teach workshop members how to look for and catch the decisive moments, which is the basic of our work in agencies or in the newspapers. We will show you how we approach a day in our life, on assignment.

Everyone will get a chance to practice street photography, we will help you break the fear barrier of photographing strangers passing by.

Our workshops and masterclasses held all over the world would differ as we dive into a different culture. As you try to find and catch the decisive moments, we will offer you a chance to report with images that are different from what you have produced.  There is no level requirements for the workshop. Students must be equipped with a digital reflex or very good compact camera and a laptop.

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