Beijing / June 8-9-10

This workshop is made for photographers who are looking to develop and enhance their confidence for street photography.
Learn top tips, techniques and tricks of the trade from a photojournalist.
Build your confidence and conquer your fear of shooting strangers on the street.
Develop your skills of observation and learn the art of story telling through pictures.

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Program with
Fred Dufour ( 法国)

Friday June 8 evening
From 7pm to 9pm : Presentation of the photographer teacher with slideshow. You can come with one or two guests.

Saturday 9
From 9am to 4pm : Shooting outside in Beijing with the group of students and the teachers.
(Lunch break at 12 till 1pm)

“How long do we wait for a good picture?”

Students will have to shoot during 20-30mn without looking at the screen on the back of camera.
One by one, after, they will have to draw roughly 1 picture they rememberd which is on the SD card. Meanwhile i have to edit and  find the picture they have drawn on the paper.

From 4pm to 6pm : Back to the hutong to edit and check your selection.

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Sample of newspaper layout where students will work on to match with their pictures.

Sunday 10
From 9am to 11am :

Which picture is good for a newspaper, a magazine, your personal website?

Various layout from Newspaper and Magazine will be seen on a screen. Photojournalism required a certain type of image and construction (multiple layers, ultra sharpen or very blur by working with f16 or f1,4, wide angle …)
different plateform required specific frame: Internet website need strong icon/pictures as the screen is little… but magazine can use bigger and play with double page.
Purporse of the work :  how to adapt your photographic style with the client you work for,

Discussion of your editing with the group, with your pictures printed, and use the layout of newspaper to understand better which pictures is good or not.
11am : Shooting Exercice 1 during 20mn. (Lunch break at 12 till 1pm)
Shooting portrait (4mn each)
End at 5:30pm

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Fee for the 2 days workshop
 400€ / 2.900Rmb
You can pay directly through Paypal or contact us for payment information

Please note: WPJ Insitute reserves the right to cancel groups with less than 8 participants. Students will be given either a full refund. In the event of a cancellation, students will be given at least 8 days advance notice.


Open to anyone who wants to upgrade visual storytelling skills and approach photojournalism. Students needs to bring a laptop with photo editing software (ex. Lightroom, Photoshop) and a digital camera. A heavy DSLR or a huge set of lenses is not required. The idea is to use the camera you are familiar with for documentary / streetphotography.

Teaching language: English

Please scan the WeChat QR or add me to have more informations or to register
WeChat ID : fred_dufour

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Where : No.4 daxing Hutong, jiaodaokou nan da jie.
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